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Disclaimer and Mission Statement, Agreement


At RepairAdvise, all the repairs are carried out at the owner’s risk, and we cannot be responsible for any fault that apparent itself as a result of repairing unless it is caused by severe negligence of RepairAdvise technician.

It is the client’s responsibility to back up all their data as we are not responsible for any data loss during water/liquid damage repair.

We only hold responsibility relating to the repaired job, e.g., the customer cannot blame us for any physical damage, unknown liquid damage, or any other software problems that are caused unexpectedly by the clients.

RepairAdvise certified technicians have years of experience in performing work on mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. We are an Apple Certified Repair Centre.

RepairAdvise will not go through any private, personal, or confidential data; however, technicians may unintentionally see data during their work.

The pattern code or password must be available or deactivated upon a repair to the mobile device.

RepairAdvise and its affiliates do not assume any warranty if the manufacturer warranties are invalid. We offer a warranty on the spare parts and services performed by us.

We offer a 30 days warranty on specific repairs. The warranty does not cover water damage to the device.

Mission Statement

We believe in giving high-quality services to our customers with transparent and upfront pricing. Our mission is the growth of continuously endeavoring better services and taking responsibility for the services we provide. Our company’s aim is to provide innovative and best repair services for cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc. We strive to get you back to the regular use of your mobiles as soon as possible. We will make extra efforts to accommodate you and solve your problems at your convenience.

Agreement for Repair at Repair Advise

  • The terms set forth in these Conditions of Repair shall apply to the services we give to repair your phone and other devices listed on the collection receipt.
  • Reference to “our,” “we,” and “us” refer to RepairAvise and references to “you” and “your” are references to the person addressed in this form.
  • This Agreement shall start from the date you hand over the device to us and shall continue until we have repaired your device otherwise returned your device, whichever is sooner, and received a payment, if any, due from you.
  • We shall make all efforts to repair your phone and devices to the availability of any spare parts required and the terms of any warranty. We shall perform the Services using our care and skill.
  • Any time estimate for the fulfillment of the repair or service is an estimate only and does not form any legal bound under the terms of this Agreement.
  • We shall notify you when your device has been repaired by phone/email. If you are unable to collect the device within three days, we deliver it at your given address.
  • If we are not able to repair the device for any reason or the repair service will incur further costs, we will notify you as soon as possible.
  • Our warranty repairs are guaranteed for one year from the date the device is returned to you from our stores or on-site repair. For any liquid damage, we do not provide any warranty after the repair. We are not accountable for the postage costs of getting the device to us or returning it after the recovery for warranty repairs.

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